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It’s no secret that the HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical trades are always in need of a young, capable workforce of aspiring technicians. With the majority of the skilled technician candidate pool aging and retiring, companies need to attract and train young, smart talent.


Upon separation from the military, active duty soldiers have to re-establish new civilian careers. For many veterans, trying to secure stable work is a hard obstacle. These veterans are highly trained, disciplined workers with strong work ethics. And they are ready to start on their new career paths!


Our Mission is to provide active duty soldiers with solid, well-paying, respected career placement options as they transition out of the Army. Careers in Plumbing, HVAC, and Electrical are an ideal fit for transitioning soldiers because of transferrable skills developed during their military service. Our goal is to pair these top-tier soldier candidates with companies looking to train and employ hardworking individuals for long-term careers.

Why Hire a Veteran?


Hiring veterans is a sound business move! Soldiers are trained to quickly learn new skill sets and concepts, follow procedures and direction, and to lead by example and through delegation. Additionally, veterans are sincere, trustworthy, dedicated employees with proven ability to overcome workplace challenges.


Transition to Trades graduates will have completed over 100 hours of hands-on training both in state-of-the-art laboratories and through ride-alongs with seasoned, experienced technicians. HVAC courses will equip veterans with an EPA certification to qualify them for work nationwide, and Plumbing and Electrician courses will qualify each veteran as an apprentice. Upon separation with the army, Transition to Trades will have prepared them to start work immediately in their chosen trade.

Veterans Have Valuable, Transferrable Skills!


  • Proven Leadership – Veterans are trained for leadership throughout their service. They understand organizational structures and are highly capable of delegation.


  • Objective Driven – Veterans are used to working in a mission-focused environment. They are trained to work until a task is completed the right way.


  • Team Mentality – Veterans are used to working together as a team to help reach a common objective. These soldiers know that their individual efforts are supporting the company reach its larger goals.


  • Work Ethic – Because of the life-or-death nature of military missions, veterans are trained to overcome obstacles and succeed at all costs. Veterans are used to working long hours in non-traditional environments and, as a result, possess stronger work ethics than their civilian counterparts.


  • Training and Education – Veterans are cross trained across many industries and skill sets as part of their service training. They are quick learners who are conditioned to apply transferrable knowledge to new skills. Veterans are also trained to follow specific procedures and rules the first time, so they require less repetition while training.


  • Immediate Contributors – Veterans are often valuable contributors to their work environments from the very beginning. Veterans are used to taking initiative immediately, being challenged, and think quickly on their feet. These are all useful skills when entering a workforce.


  • Background Checks & Security Clearance – Over 90 percent of those in the military have had extensive background checks and security clearances. When you hire a veteran, they are used to these policies and procedures and will not pose a risk.

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